Siptel is a family of lamps which offers a new interpretation of traditional models by making use of a simple yet effective system of magnets. The entire length of the lamp stem acts as a runway for the lamp head, which slides up and down with surprising smoothness and fluidity.

Thanks to the natural tendency of magnets to line up with magnetic fields, the lamp head is completely unobstructed, unlike traditional adjustable lamps where the height is regulated by unsightly knobs or mechanical joints.

The end of the lamp head itself is also free to rotate on its axis, which allows for even more control over the light.

Fitted with LEDs, the lamp gives off a warm, easily adjustable light for maximum expression of the FontanaArte philosophy of generating pleasing, flexible objects that focus on the user and a personal experience of light.

Siptel comes in table, floor and wall versions, painted matt in red orange, green fern and pearl white.

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