Zaneen D13 Catalog 2013

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Zaneen Lighting – Zaneen D13 Catalog 2013

YEAR: 2013


 	Lightpholio Zaneen Lighting
Zaneen is an exclusive distributor of European designed and manufactured lighting products. Founded by Robert Pietrobon in 1981, Zaneen is a second generation family owned and operated business. We offer an extensive range of innovative lighting to give designers the ease and ability to work with one company for a variety of specification types. Zaneen works with some of the most renowned lighting designers, architects, interior designers and engineers in North America.
We react to each client requests, always seeking to be flexible and responsive.
Our leadership team is focused and driven to expand sales, broaden our customer base and solidify strong relationships with designers, representatives and our manufacturing partners.
Our strong dedication to leading technologies, coupled with well designed and manufactured lighting, ensures our clients receive the best options available.

Custom flexibility and fast response times regarding North American approvals are made possible by our in-house authorized and approved CSA & UL laboratory. A member of our management team is a voting member of the Technical Standards Committee for both UL & CSA. With the daily commitment of our European manufacturers to perfect and expand their product development, Zaneen is quick to bring these lighting solutions to the North American market.”