Advertise with LIGHTPHOLIO and drive traffic to your brand and other offerings

As younger customers emerge, newer technologies will work in tandem with the print catalog in presenting lighting literature; eventually replacing them. The ease of electronic delivery and viewing possibilities via devices like tablets & mobile phones make this inevitable.

As a resource for all lighting industry professionals, LIGHTPHOLIO is a tool individuals utilize every time they present lighting information, so why not make your brand seen at that very pivotal moment?

Lightpholio can extend the reach of your catalogs to a highly-targeted audience and potentially to millions of shoppers. This incredible prospecting channel opens a brand new opportunity for your marketing material.

We are constantly spreading the word and are available on all major forms of social media, gaining a larger following as more professionals understand the importance of leveraging technology and saving the environment.

To discuss advertising oppurtunites on the LIGHTPHOLIO platform, please contact us directly at or use the form below. We look forward to working with you!