Thank you for downloading LightPholio. The app that puts lighting literature right in your hands. We are counting on you, the LightPholio Community, to help us keep it up and running and get you the literature you need, when you need it. Below are some frequently asked questions, but if you can not get your question answered here, please contact us on our Support page.

What is Lightpholio?

Lightpholio is a full-featured, Apple device app that puts access to hundreds of lighting manufacturer’s catalogues and brochures right in your hands. Designed specifically for showroom sales people, designers and other lighting industry professionals, Lightpholio replaces cluttered, space-consuming bookshelves with the attractive, convenient viewing experience of an iPad or iPhone.

How do I download Lightpholio?

Download here from Apple

Why use Lightpholio?

Lightpholio replaces cluttered, space-consuming bookshelves with the attractive, convenient viewing experience of an iPad or iPhone. Your showroom should be filled with lighting fixtures, not bookshelves. Make room for more product and make more sales with Lightpholio.

How do I suggest a catalog for Lightpholio?

Contact us here or simply email us at

How do I contact Lightpholio?

Check out our Contact Us page or simply email us at

How do I advertise my lighting brand on Lightpholio?

See more information here or simply email us at

How does Lightpholio work?

Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to go to the STORE section of the app to download any catalog available. Once downloaded, they will be in your LIBRARY.

How do I search for a catalog and download it?

searchfilter Use the search box in the STORE section to browse for catalogs. You can also use this to filter by Brand name or by category. It is an alternative to the index search. An internet connection is needed to browse the Store, but it is not needed to view catalogs once they are added to your library.

How do I save lists of my favorite pages from a particular catalog?

bookmarkUse this  to create bookmarks and to view bookmarks. To find a list of the pages you have bookmarked, go into grid view.

Are there different ways to view catalog pages once they have been downloaded to my LIBRARY?

viewsUse this to view multiple pages at once in grid format. Select a page to bring it up to full screen.

How do I share a page from a catalog?

mailUse this to send a page via email while viewing a page of a catalog you have already downloaded You will need internet connection to send the email.

How do I delete a catalog after it is in my Library

delete garbageUse this to remove books from your library. Once you hit this button, select the literature you wish to delete and hit the trash can button to finalize. Use this to remove literature from your library while in edit mode.

How do I zoom in to see image details or read small text in a catalog or web page?

Easy, simply pinch & Zoom like you are accustomed to.

Why won’t Lightpholio run on my device?

If you are running an older version of the iPad operating system and you cannot run Catalog Spree, your operating system may need an upgrade. Lightpholio is supported on iOS 5.0 or later, and of course, Apple recommends upgrading to the latest version of the iOS in order to maximize the performance of your iPad. Here are instructions for upgrading your device’s iOS.

The Application is frozen or stuck, how do I restart it?

1.Press the home button (the home button is the only button on the front face of the device). Pressing the home button removes you from the app and returns you to your devices’s familiar home screen.
2.Once you’re on the home screen, quickly double tap the home button. Doing so reveals a cover flow view of all currently active apps on your device.
3.Swipe left or right until you find Lightpholio.
4.Once you find Lightpholio, swipe it up and off the screen. Doing so will force-quit Lightpholio.
5.Now restart Lightpholio as you would any other app on your device, by finding and tapping the app’s icon on your home screen.