Iguzzini Lighting Twilight Urbaneco

The best light is natural light just before sunset. It is that magical moment we call Twilight. Twilight extends this good light in places where people enjoy walking, like parks and local streets.



 Lightpholio Iguzzini Lighting
Light First.
We want a light that creates life in our city, giving new nuances to the dark forgotten corners of this city.
We want a light that reveals and lets us rediscover the secrets of our history and our culture, illuminating the monuments and buildings that speak about our past.
We want a light that gives shape to the buildings, the initiatives, to the dreams of our architects and designers.
We want a light that marks a beginning and an end of the streets of our city.

Light is Human.
Light is a vital thrust for man and for our bodies, it is useful, personal and variable. From skin to heart, we are made of light. It is one of the languages used by cells to communicate. It is energy, the same matter of living bodies. We can bring these two dimensions in contact and simplify their dialogue only if we start with a target of wellbeing. Every day new worlds are born and illuminated not in accordance to mere aesthetic purposes, but to ensure a higher quality of life.