Lucifer 2014 Product Update

New product introductions including general technical information, product images and stunning application shots.

YEAR: 2014


Lightpholio lucifer lighting
Lucifer Lighting is a second-generation family-owned company and over our 30+ years of operation, we have grown from a specialty manufacturer to a global resource for world class architects, designers, and developers who specify our products for everything from high-rise hotels and urban financial centers, to flagship retail stores and four-star restaurants, to private homes and specialty museums.

All of this growth has been informed by our passion for art and deep connections to the design community: we are art collectors, our philanthropic arm funds museums and visual and performing arts organizations as well as lighting design and architectural associations and scholarships, and founder, CEO Gilbert Mathews, is an Honorary Member of the American Institute of Architects.

Our goal, like yours, has always been the same: to increase people’s ability to see, enjoy, appreciate, and experience every nuance of special objects, fine art, haute cuisine, and unique space. It’s all about creating lights that create experiences.