Vistosi Lighting 2014 2015 Catalog

Vistosi Lighting 2014 2015 Catalog

PAGES: 492
YEAR: 2015


 Lightpholio Vistosi Lighting
Vistosi’s role in the world of interior design and furniture has been growing parallel to the good taste of architecture and design in the last two centuries. After collaborating with first-rate designers during the 1960’s, the company has settled on the development of modular lighting systems, in order to create more ‘customized’ installations. Giogali, Diadema and Ecos are the best examples of this new course.

At the same time, the brand keeps on investing in the 2D and 3D models of its vast archive, as well as on its contact projects. Each of these conventions is followed by the sales department; whole task is to guarantee that the production and delivery schedule and the quality standards are respected. The core of this department is through represented by the studio tecnico: they lay out the big-size models and the custom lighting systems which are peculiar to each contract.