LED lighting is fast becoming a new trend in today’s homes. LED lighting does not only improve the lighting in your home LEDs will also help keep your energy cost down. Element lighting has introduced a line of new LEDs known as Element. Element Reflections lighting allows for recessed lighting to become any part of the décor at home or in the office. With a choice of five distinctive dome designs that include very sharp embossed designs you will be sure to find a design that will add a touch of elegance wherever they are used. These five designs provide beautiful details while allowing for abundant soft LED illumination. We will look at each one of the designs of the Element Reflections to see exactly what the designs have to offer.

Decorative Dome Designs.
Carefully crafted Element Reflections domes are available in 5”,8” and 12” diameters. These LEDs are recessed into the ceiling and act as reflectors to a completely hidden ring of LEDs. This method will help to deliver perfectly controlled direct illumination. Overall glare is also reduced. The Element Reflection dome also offers two ceiling appearance options. Flanged for a more traditional ceiling appearance as well as a flangeless for a smooth, mudded-in ceiling appearance.
Here are the five different offerings that The Element Reflections line have for you to choose. Each LED light has their own unique look as well as features. Let’s look at each one.

Torus transforms beautiful three-dimensional geometry for dramatic visual with the subtle play of light and shadow.

Bloom bring the geometry of the natural world into harmony with traditional, transitional, or contemporary room decors.

Dune creates concentric of reflected light much resembling running water or waves of sand.

Fleur brings to life the traditional Fleur di Lis adding distinctive, glowing accents to classic ceiling designs.

Skye is simply unadorned, where pure, reduced-glare indirect lighting is the ideal solution.

Regardless of the style you choose you will receive 684, 1175, and 1925 lumens depending on the size you choose. They will also operate from 9.2, 15.9, and 31.8 watts helping to cut your energy cost. Each one of the styles you choose from are also dimmable. There are lots and lots of different applications these LEDs can be adapted to. You will surly find a style that will fit into any style décor. If you are redesigning your home lighting system or if you are considering remodeling or new construction you will need to check into this line of led lighting. There are several different ways that you will benefit and save money when it comes to choosing this type of lighting for your project. If you want to consider Element Reflections for you project please check out their catalog via mobile app or here on the web below.

Element Lighting 2015 Catalog